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Flyers: Meatless Monday

As part of my capstone project for grad school, I worked with the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office to develop communications strategies and tools to improve participation in the Meatless Monday pilot program. The following are the flyers I created for the participating schools to send out to parents at various points in the school year. […]

Flyers: Rosedale Development Association

The following are flyers are created for various events and programs of Rosedale Development Association as the Communications & Program Coordinator: Bike-In Movie 2016 event flyer HamBINGO 2016 fundraiser flyer Healthy Halloween 2016 event flyer Historical exhibit flyer 2016 Plot to Plate event flyer RDA Benefits to Businesses handout RDA Fact Sheet

Project Presentation: Girl Scouts and the Environment

¬†For my final project for my Strategic Communication course at Fordham University, I was tasked with proposing a new initiative for a cause/organization to create some sort of social change. After having led my own Girl Scouts troop in my previous work and being passionate about environmental issues, I chose to propose changes to the […]

Email Marketing: Rosedale Development Association

As the Communications and Program Coordinator at Rosedale Development Association, I was in charge of all of our digital marketing, including our email campaigns. While we always used MailChimp, at first I started out using the platform’s drag and drop builder. But after awhile, I realized that RDA’s brand needed to be represented on all […]

Girls:2017 Social Media Images

Web Design:

In 2015, Rosedale Development Association was getting ready to launch a large publicity campaign to spread the word about a community-wide survey. As a part of the survey campaign, we wanted to direct people to RDA’s website to take the survey and learn more about its impact on the Rosedale area. Unfortunately, the site had […]

Web Design: McGannon Center

Before redesigning for the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center at Fordham University, the website was essentially a blog with a few extra tabs. (Click here to see the before via the Wayback Machine.) In addition to not being very aesthetically pleasing, information was hard to find. Events and news items were all either blog […]