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Flyers: Meatless Monday

As part of my capstone project for grad school, I worked with the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office to develop communications strategies and tools to improve participation in the Meatless Monday pilot program. The following are the flyers I created for the participating schools to send out to parents at various points in the school year. […]

Flyers: Rosedale Development Association

The following are flyers are created for various events and programs of Rosedale Development Association as the Communications & Program Coordinator: Bike-In Movie 2016 event flyer HamBINGO 2016 fundraiser flyer Healthy Halloween 2016 event flyer Historical exhibit flyer 2016 Plot to Plate event flyer RDA Benefits to Businesses handout RDA Fact Sheet

Course Paper: A More Resilient Food System for NYC

I wrote this piece for my “Environment and the Media” course while completing my master’s degree at Fordham University. A More Resilient Food System for NYC:  Lessons learned from Madison, Wisconsin and Boston, Massachusetts A Food System Facing Disaster New York City is the city that never sleeps, and that includes its food system. According […]

Giving Tuesday on Instagram: Rosedale Development Association

The following Instagram posts were a part of Rosedale Development Association’s 2016 Giving Tuesday campaign, which kicked off the organization’s end-of-year giving. The wordmark was created by RDA’s volunteer designer, which I then placed with photos from the year and wrote accompanying captions.

Email Marketing: Rosedale Development Association

As the Communications and Program Coordinator at Rosedale Development Association, I was in charge of all of our digital marketing, including our email campaigns. While we always used MailChimp, at first I started out using the platform’s drag and drop builder. But after awhile, I realized that RDA’s brand needed to be represented on all […]

Feature: Rosedale Business Owner

Rosedale Business Owner Gives Back to Rosedale Park (Originally appeared in Rosedale Development Association’s newsletter, The Rosedalian, and at You may know Pete Cashen as the owner of TMS, Inc., a mechanical contracting company at 701 Southwest Blvd., or as the co-owner of Dynamic Discs, a disc golf equipment company in both Emporia, KS and Rosedale. […]

Blog: HALO Internships

What it means to be a HALO intern December 2015 If you’re familiar with the HALO Foundation, you’ll know we’re all about changing lives. Normally when we say that, we mean changing the lives of at-risk youth around the world. But sometimes we also change the lives of bright college students in the Kansas City […]

Blog: Think Big Coworking

Top 5 Reasons People Love Think Big Coworking November 20, 2013 It’s no secret that everyone here at Think Big Coworking loves coworking with us in Kansas City. In fact, we could go on for days about all the reasons we chose coworking over more traditional ways to run an office. But we know you probably don’t […]

Blog: Think Big Partners

Why Kansas City Needs High Collision Density (And How We Can Get It) Tuesday, August 13, 2013 It’s no secret that certain cities across the United States are “the place to be,” especially for entrepreneurs. We all hear about the startup successes in Silicon Valley, Boulder, Austin and Silicon Alley. But have you ever wondered […]

Feature: Girl Power with Girl Scouts

Building Girl Power with Girl Scouts When it comes to youth sports programs, Rosedale Development Association offers lots of options. But one group was consistently underrepresented in these activities: Girls. Clearly, Rosedale’s girls were looking for a different kind of after school activity. One that could bring them together to explore their interests and develop […]