Objective: The objective of our marketing campaign, “We Aren’t Rosedale Without You,” was to get as many people who live in the 66103 zip code to take the 2015 Rosedale Community Survey. The survey will help inform the 2015 Rosedale Master Plan, as well as Rosedale Development Association’s goals and priorities. At the very least, our goal was to hit the 95 percent confidence interval, or 358 of surveys returned and completed. This would mean our results would be statistically significant in order for the responses to be applicable to the whole Rosedale community.

Target Audience: In this case, our target audience was the entire Rosedale community, including residents and businesses. In order to reach as many people as possible, we created materials in both English and Spanish, spread the word online, and even put up billboards to give the campaign as much visibility as possible. In other words, we did not want any voices to go unheard in order to make Rosedale a better place for years to come.

Value: After sending out approximately 5,100 surveys, we received 812 completed surveys (including in print and online), about a 16 percent response rate. Fortunately, this means we were able to exceed our goal of reaching the 95 percent confidence interval, which determines that our results are statistically significant.

In addition, 42.6 percent of survey respondents also indicated interest in receiving additional contact from Rosedale Development Association, including interest in participating in focus groups. This chance to garner additional feedback from Rosedale residents gives us the opportunity for the Rosedale Community Survey to have an even bigger impact. Residents that Rosedale Development Association previously had no contact with will now be able to share their goals for Rosedale with us so we can better achieve our mission.

“We Aren’t Rosedale Without You” also had an effect on our social media presence, with Facebook experiencing the biggest impact. By the end of our marketing campaign, Facebook likes had increased by 20 percent, engaged users increased by 18 percent, total reach increased by 46 percent, and total impressions increased by 61.5 percent. Twitter experienced a 16 percent increase in followers by the end of the campaign.


Awards: Rosedale Development Association received a Philly Award for excellence in nonprofit communications from Nonprofit Connect in November 2015.