In 2015, Rosedale Development Association was getting ready to launch a large publicity campaign to spread the word about a community-wide survey. As a part of the survey campaign, we wanted to direct people to RDA’s website to take the survey and learn more about its impact on the Rosedale area. Unfortunately, the site (see the before here) had become outdated and hard to update. So in March 2015, I set out to redesign RDA’s website

In order to have complete control over the look and functionality of the website, we decided to do the entire project in-house. In our new design and layout, we sought to address the following issues: navigation, accuracy, and visual appeal.

For navigation, we wanted to make sure information about RDA and the community was easy to find and reflective of our mission. So we used main tables like “live,” “work,” and “play” to sort information, based on our mission to improve the quality of life for all those who live, work, and play in Rosedale.

Our old design had been created y multiple people and included many layers, which eventually clogged our disk space. This lead to pages we were unable to edit and a news section that could not be updated enough to remain relevant. Now we have the ability to add upcoming events, organizational news, and blog posts, in addition to regular page updates as-needed.

To increase our visual appeal, we went with a design that gave us the option to use more images and graphic elements. For example, although our old design had an image slider on the homepage, it was small and did not lead to other pages. Now we have a slider that spans the width of the page, icons to represent our mission and vision, and more headers, dividers, tabs, and toggle menus to better sort information on the site.

Updating has brought immense value to Rosedale Development Association. The redesign officially launched on April 1, 2015. When comparing Google Analytics from January through March to April through June 2015, the results were surprising:

  • Time spent on increased 84,396.55%
  • Active users on increased 1,434.23%
  • New visitors increased by 1,440.54%
  • Returning visitors also increased by 6,291.3%
  • Page views increased 5,000.69%
  •’s bounce rate decreased by 52.59%, meaning more people interacted with our site than in the previous three months
  • DateMarch 2015